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The tarp is 3m wide and x 6.5m long.

The tarp is made of 80D ripstop nylon, 3x silicone coated, waterproof and UV resistant. The water column was measured at 10,000mm.

The vehicle unit/lock (with 5 attachment points for suction cups and two integrated keders for 5.5mm, 7.5mm and 11.5mm keder rails – the most common sizes on the market) which is attached to your vehicle has a length of 2.5m and a width of 26cm. Your vehicle should therefore have a roof length of at least 2.5m.

The bars are adjustable in height from 186-214cm for vehicles with a maximum roof height up to 2m20 (e.g. VW Bulli, T1-6, Marco Polo….).

For vehicles with a roof height of more than 2.20m (e.g. Pössl, high roof, etc.) the bars are adjustable from 230-258cm.

The compressible set bag has a size of 54cm x 17cm x 28cm. The poles and the pegs fit in the bag or can be stored in the separate bags (in case your campervan is packed and you need to optimize the space!). The total weight of the set is 5360 grams

11.8cm, for mounting they must be placed on a flat surface.

We intentionally designed The Wildside Campervan Tarp to fit all campervans. However, a roof length of at least 2.5m (8.2 ft) should be provided for optimal bracing.

It can be pulled into a C-rail (also known as piping) with 5.5mm, 7.5mm, or both together into an 11.5 piping rail or alternatively attached with suction cups or to the vehicle rims.

You can build it on your own, it’s not a problem. You attach the lock to the vehicle, connect it to the zipper on the tarp, set up two poles and tension them – done. With a little practice, you’ll be done in less than 5 minutes. The following link will take you to an assembly guide with tips & tricks. You will see, after 1-2 times of building you will already be in practice.
Click here to go to the tutorial >

For all the set-up options we propose, 4 poles are enough, even for the “stand alone” position. Since the high-quality rods are very expensive to buy and, accordingly, the selling price of the set would increase with additional rods, we decided to buy 4 rods. Nevertheless, we offer you the possibility to buy additional rod(click here >), because with two additional rods you have of course even more possibilities and flexibility.

We do not have keder rail in the offer, because the lengths are individual depending on the vehicle. The keder rail should be at least 2m50 long, so that the tarp resp. the lock can be attached.

As an alternative to the keder rail, the tarp can be attached to the vehicle with suction cups, these can be ordered separately.

On the lock it has 5 loops to attach the suction cups. For stable hold, 3 of them should be attached with a suction cup. You can easily use your own for this.

The hole is intentionally narrow, so that the rod has a hold even after repeated use and does not fall out so quickly in windy conditions (the one rod has another hole at the top where the pin can be inserted in addition to securing). Also it helps that the whole remains tight. The first time you use it, just screw the rod in with pressure.

We are convinced that you will also be as enthusiastic about our tarp as we are. If it is still not satisfactory to you, you can return it within 60 days from the date of delivery and we will give you a full refund. In addition, our warranty covers all quality problems under normal use for two years from the date of delivery. During this period, we will replace any parts of your The Wildside Tarp set that do not function as intended.

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