Who we are

Without them, The Wildside would have remained just an idea



When it comes to product development, marketing & logistics, Florian is in his element. He coordinates and makes sure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone is satisfied.



No decision without Marcel, because he has an eye on all the figures and knows how things are with the customers. Planning & customer support are a matter close to his heart.


VP Purchasing, Production & QC

Purchasing, production management and quality assurance are his passion. Without Alpha, The Wildside would not be a premium product where we can sleep soundly.


Product Design

Jonathan is an experienced soft good designer with a background in industrial/product design and his own studio in Tel Aviv. Without it, The Wildside Tarp would be a piece of fabric like any other. He brought the design, quality and robustness to the product.


Corporate Design

The brand design of The Wildside is by Rob. The Brit is always on the road somewhere in the world and his creativity & professionalism has turned an idea into a real brand.


Content & Marketing

Maria was there as a freelancer since the 1st hour. Without them, The Wildside would not have been successful on Kickstarter. She has a great style in content, but also our 1st promo video is from her.


Graphic design

Estlin has a passion for graphic design, but is also an excellent video editor. The Wildside icons, gifs and much more that also makes up the DNA of The Wildside comes from him.

Harald & Team

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Harald and his team are our partner in warehouse & fulfillment. He and his reliable staff in L√ľneburg ensure that all The Wildside shipments make their way quickly to their new owners.

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