For all campervans
More than 205 ft²
Also stands alone

Flexible protection from sun and rain

More time outdoors

On vacation, you want to sit outside and enjoy nature, right? Spend more time outdoors with the campervan tarp from The Wildside. Whether it’s hailing cats, the wind is blowing around the corner or the sun is burning unbearably, our awning offers you flexible protection in all weathers.

19m2 protective surface made of tear-resistant nylon fabric awaits you. You can set up the tarp to suit your individual needs in just a few simple steps – thanks to the height-adjustable aluminum poles and the numerous guy points. The stylish bag with small pack size offers enough storage space for the tarp and accessories. So it has a place in every camper.

Too little protection from the sun, wind and rain is a thing of the past with The Wildside Tarp. Experience a new sense of freedom and enjoy nature without restrictions.

Discover the advantages of The Wildside Campervan Tarp
The perfect equipment for your next vanlife adventure.

Size and flexibility

With a total area of almost 20 m² (6.5 x 3 meters), the campervan tarp offers more protection than most awnings on the market. The awning can be set up individually – the side sections can be rolled up, stretched horizontally or downwards. This gives you full flexibility to design your box seat and enjoy your vacation.

Robustness and durability

The tarp fabric is made of high-quality, tear-resistant nylon fabric with a multi-layer silicone coating and reinforced guy points – made to withstand wind and rain. The abrasion-resistant Hypalon inserts in the loops increase the durability of the tarp. The quality of the materials has been carefully selected and ensures reliability even in adverse weather conditions.

Protection from sun and rain

The campervan tarp offers reliable protection from sun, wind and rain. The UV-resistant silicone coating ensures that the tarp is impermeable to light, so that it provides decent shade even on hot, sunny days. In addition, all the seams of the awning are sealed so that you stay dry even in the rain and can enjoy your outdoor life.

Why our customers love The Wildside Tarp

More than just a sunshade

The Wildside team shares your passion for camping and vanlife. In addition to high-quality products, we attach great importance to outstanding customer service. See the benefits of our campervan tarp for yourself and be inspired by our customer reviews. Are you a nature lover who likes to try out new things? Then we are convinced that our tarp is the ideal product for your outdoor adventures. We are really looking forward to welcoming you as our customer. We will be happy to answer any questions and concerns personally.

Which tarp suits you?

The Standard

for vehicles up to 7.2 ft roof height/mounting height
with & without keder rail

The High

for vehicles from 7.2 ft roof height/mounting height
with & without keder rail

From the self-sewn prototype to the perfect solution

This is how it all began

We are Florian and Marcel from Bern, Switzerland, the founders of The Wildside Campervan Tarp. Our story began when we were preparing for our first road trip with our new camper. We were looking for an awning that would meet our requirements and provide us with as much protected space as possible in front of the camper. An awning was out of the question for us, as it doesn’t offer enough protection and doesn’t look good on the vehicle.

But our expectations were too high and we simply couldn’t find what we were looking for on the market. Nevertheless, we didn’t want to lower our standards.

We needed a sewing machine and a piece of fabric, and without further ado we sewed a tarp ourselves to suit our needs. The first prototype was born – even less sophisticated and far removed from today’s quality. We went on our journey happy. But what came out of it surprised even us.

We were regularly asked about our own creation. Other campers envied us and also wanted to have such a cool, flexible outdoor shelter. The enthusiastic demand has prompted us to professionalize our tarp in order to make other camping enthusiasts happy as well.

We have spent countless hours of our free time searching for high-quality materials. With a professional designer on hand, repeated tinkering and improvements to the prototypes, our The Wildside Tarp was born. After a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, we were able to launch the first production batch in winter 2021. Yay, a cool feeling! We were finally able to share our enthusiasm with other outdoor enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, we are on the road full-time as vanlifers. We use it every day, no matter how capricious the weather is.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter campaign at that time >>>

The video shows a first prototype for the Kickstarter campaign. The current model has been further developed.

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